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Kuzma, Urva
Chin, Shannon
Okamoto, Naoko
Gilbert, Luke
Coakley, Katie  
Farmer, Jen
Rooke, Jaime
Viega, Jacob
Yap, Eric
Aros, Eddie
Alvarez, Dulce
Lincoln, James
McMahon, Corey  
Ton, Cathy
King, Brian
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Janice Boercker




Victoria Colussi

Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair color: Brown, curly

Ethnicity: Latin American (from Argentina--fluent in Spanish)

Major: Computer Science (SEAS)

I went to Glendale High School in Glendale, CA (near Pasadena "Rose Bowl") There I ran Cross Country for 3 years with a best time of 21:00 for the 3 mile. I also competed on the Track & Field team for 4 years.

My favorite event by far was the Pole Vault and my best was 8'6". I really can't tell you which sport I liked better, because I loved both of them so much.

In Cross Country, I was always the one with the stronger kicks, the faster intervals, the power. Then in Track I was usually the one who could last the whole workout through without giving up. I was probably fit for those middle distances, even though I loved every event.

I actually tried at least ten of the sixteen events at one time or another, but only really trained consistently for the Pole Vault.

My favorite thing about Cross Country was the Annual Summer Mammoth Running Camp I attended twice. The scenery, the trails, the road trip away from home, and the bonding with other schools made it so worthwhile!

The best part of Track was Pole Vault and just having the opportunity, the mere chance, to fly through the air, feel an upward force and just get that perfect vault! Unfortunately, I experienced a drammatic 3rd degree ankle sprain while pole vaulting during my Track season, spring of senior year. I have yet to return to my old training routine of running or working out every day.

College is so distracting and there are so many new things. Starting this summer, I plan to make a new effort to run again and hopefully get some speed to try the pole vault come next fall.

I would love to meet some motivated and inspiring Bruins and find a new running partner or two.



Chris DeWitt

Height: 5' 9" Weight: 145

Major: Aerospace Engineering

High School: Jesuit High School in Sacramento

Mile- 4:23
2 Mile- 9:39

3 Mile: 15:43
5-K: 16:09  

Shoes: Asics (In my opinion the only brand) - Size 10

Interests: Space, History, The Outdoors (fishing,hiking, etc...).

Political Party: Republican

Quote: "I ran until my muscles burned, until my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more."




Stacy Fikert

Hometown: Mission Viejo, Ca

High School: Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Major: Biology

I first heard about Bruin Runners from Kim Treebs, the president, who was in my chemistry class fall quarter. I ran cross-country my last two years of high school and I had continued my running at UCLA.

However, it is extremely hard to get motivated when you run by yourself. That is why I felt the running club would be a great thing to get involved in -- and it was.

But the great thing about running club is that it is not just about running, but also about making friends. The people I have met through the running club are awesome. I always look forward to running because we all have such a fun time together.

I encourage anyone -- whether you are just starting to run or whether you're running marathons -- to become a part of the BruinRunners Club!



Jacob Ford




Matt Gale

Height: 6' Weight: 155lbs

Years Running: 4

High School: Miramonte

Hobbies: DJing, painting, general mischief

Favorite brands: Asics (They make a pretty mean shoe)

Major: Design

Quote: "Hey Dirty, Baby, I gotcha money"



Eric Giovanola

Height: 6'2" Weight: 165 lbs.

Major: Design/Study of Religion

High School: Mission San Jose (Fremont)

Ran cross-country and track my Junior and Senior years in HS.

PR's: 800 - 2:04, Mile - 4:49, 5k - 17:15, 10k - 36:20, Marathon - 4:10 (I was a soph in HS)

Shoes: Asics or Nikes, size 11; Road flats-Asics; Spikes- Nike Eldoret

Interests: (Besides running) art/design, religion (studying it, not being brainwashed by it...), debating people about religion and politics, music (guitar/drums)

Status: Taken

Favorite Music: Metallica, Rage, Weezer, Chili Peppers, Jimmy Buffett

Political Affiliation: Left of Radical (or anti-Republican, take your pick)

Quote: "Prediction is hard, especially when it is about the future." -Yogi Berra





Amie Huff




Jonathan Kimura

Height: 5'81/2'' Weight: 135

Physical Description: a lean mean machine

Academic status: CS and Engineering

Hometown: Cupertino (Monta Vista High School)

Mile- 4:50 (track)
5k: 16:40 (road)
10k: 34:02 (road)
13.1m: 1:24:?? (at SLO Wildflower Triathlon, 60% trail)
25k: 1:43:?? (on Angel Island, trail run)
50k: 4:38:?? (on Catalina island, trail run)
50m: 10:27:?? (in Bishop (near Mt. Whitney, 7800' elevation gain, start at 4000', no shade (basically in Death Valley, ran through snow, 1st 20 miles uphill, last 20 miles downhill, 25 miles above 7500', all trail) = 10 hours to do it

Liked to fool around in cross country and track a lot, but ran hard when I needed to for events like CCS

Shoe size: 9 to 91/2 Brand: adidas, new balance, reebok

New passion: ultra running I'm a beginning ultra runner. I am not ultra compared to the 40 and 50 year olds who mainly run these, but I am ultra compared to every single bruin runner. They are hard-core, I AM ULTRA.

~Jonathan "Ultra Donjuan" Kimura




Megan Kirkpatrick




Carol Laffite

Height: 5'9" Weight: 150

Physical Description: Brown hair, brown eyes, light complexion, Hispanic (oh and i have a really nice nose)

-Academic status: Transfer student, Business/Economics major w/a minor in accounting. -

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA (Notre Dame High School)

-Didn't run in HS, only ran recreationally, in the afternoons, 3-4 times a week, 3 miles on the average.

-Shoes: 8 1/2, nike running shoes or cross-trainers

-I love going to ucla. it has been the most exciting experience of my life. the people here are wonderful. It seems as though people here are eager to be your friend, to be helpful, to include you in their BruinRunners. This club not only gives me great incentive to run, but has also given me the opportunity to meet some cool people, Kim and Chris, to name a few. -carol




James Lincoln

Height: 5'8" Weight: 140 lbs.

Born: 6-19-1981

Major: Physics

Career Plan: Teaching

High School: Newport Harbor (Varsity: XC and Track)


mile - 5:04 (tie both in HS and intramural)

2mile- 10:48 (during a 3 mile XC race), 11:03 (on the track)

3mile- 16:29

5K - 17:48 (post HS road race)

Marathon- 3:38:?? (Pittsburg 1997)

Greatest Athletic moments:

Lake Mary 4 mile up hill time trial (30:20, making HS alltime list)

Individual Winner- JV Div 2 boys race at Mt Sac 1998 (17:50)

Individual Winner- JV Sea View League boys race (16:29, his PR)

Individual Winner- Moses Lake 5K 2000 (17:48)



Ali Nosrati




Jeff Sherin

Height: 5'9" (but I would be 5'10" if I was an inch taller) Weight: 190

Major: Neuroscience (at the moment)

High School: Oak Ridge, TN

Ran cross-country every year. Ran in the Tennessee state meet sophomore and junior years. Best three mile time in high school: 16:40 PR mile: 4:46 (thanks to my Bruin Runners boys)

Athletic Interests: Weightlifting, racquetball, golf, and of course running

Favorite Band: Oasis
Other Bands I like: Stone Temple Pilots, Tom Petty, Eagles, Dave Matthews

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Baseball is my favorite sport to follow, with the Cardinals being my favorite team. The best radio host in the world is Jonathon Brandmeier on 97.1 FM (12-3) Living in Westwood this summer so get in touch with me if you want to run

My quote: Running's never been the hard part for me, it's not running that I have trouble with.




Felix Tong

Height: 5'7" Weight: 135 lbs; Overall: Looks Pimp

Mechanical Engineer

Academic status: AP, or would be on track team

Hometown: San Mateo, Ca (Carlmont HS)

Running Times: A whole hell of a lot faster than in college

Favorite Event: 200, 800m and cross country

Interests: I'm a nerd, so anything nerdy



Kim Treebs

Height: 5' 5''

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Stockton, CA

High School: Saint Mary's

Sports in High School: Track, Cross Country

Favorite Event: 110m high hurdles

Interests/Hobbies: Rock-Climbing, Travel, Yoga, Surfing, Poetry

Quote: "Don't let your reality limit your reality."




Bethelwel Wilson



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